Here are games that I have contributed sound and music to from Gamejam events such as GameHackDays (more coming soon).

  • SquidgiesSquidgiesThis is a game that was made for GameHackDays 2013. Created with Placeholder games, this is a spatial awareness puzzle game about a kingdom in disarray. All the kings are lost and need to be guided across the land back to their rightful places. Requires Adobe Flash.Play
  • Patches

    Here are some patches in MAX/MSP that I have made which can be downloaded. Only available for Microsoft Windows at the moment.

    • QM synthQM synthesizerThis is a synthesizer that works on the principles of FM synthesis but adds another waveform into the mix. The carrier is modulated and then afterwards sampled or quantized by a third wave. This produces very interesting modulating patterns that can turn into drones at high frequencies. It is based on the work I found at Synth of Mine. There are four waveforms that can be smoothly faded for the modulator and a pattern matrix for storing presets. Beware however that because the method of synthesis operates on sampling the waveform at specific frequencies, your presets will sound completely different when changing sample rates (eg: 44.1, 48, 96...). All presets have the ADSR activated, to begin the sounds press the trigger button. Download

    • Spectral DelaySpectral DelayThis is a spectral delay that will operate on a live signal. The delay is customisable and offers smooth blended preset states for performing. The spectrum has been split into 16 bands and there are options for gain, panning, delay times, crossover frequency shift and feedback. The patch is based on the concepts by John Gibson from Canadian Electroacoustic Community. It is useful for creating etherial or moving sounds that split and ripple apart. Download


    Here I will post multitrack stem files from my album for anyone to download and remix. Comming soon!